One of the hottest Italian beauties, Monica Belluci, although she is 54 years old, has a young, lively skin and body. But how does she keep her beauty?

She starts taking a cold shower to the day. Cold shower, the skin maintains the elasticity and argues that tightens. He uses thermal water and revitalizing spray for his face.

Monica Bellucci is not one of those plastic beauties. Her beauty is natural. The actress is totally against all sorts of plastic surgery, but don’t forget to constantly clean and moisturize the skin. In addition, Monica is very carefully cares for the lips, not forgetting to moisten them.

2. Food

It does not limit itself in food constantly and loves to eat. But if she needs to lose a few extra pounds before the shooting, then immediately turns into smaller meals, preferring to eat meat, vegetables and fish.

“I’m Italian and just love food. I’m omnivorous, but the Italian food I love the most. My daughter I like. They adore pasta and cheese,” says the star.

Monica says, noting that eating and drinking can be anything, the main thing in small amounts and never blame themselves for the food.


  1. Lovely Monica…..Sweet and so nice….I love that woman 😉
    Yes.I do…And I want to se and meet here…this sweet woman…
    Parhaps I ask this Lovely woman to marride me… 🙂
    But I now….we are many of us who will have this Lovely Queen 🙂
    Kisses and love to you sweet Monica 😉


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