For Monica Bellucci, “women should love their femininity”. Interview & photo shoots…


10. Monica Bellucci

Her beauty and haughty glamor never cease to inspire the fantasies… of filmmakers. After Philippe Garrel, it is Emir Kusturica who offers him the main role of his next film, Love and Peace. Confidences in italiano from the make-up muse Dolce & Gabbana.

Observing her in her three-piece suit with a very masculine cut, one thing is obvious: we may love androgynous silhouettes in tuxedos, as soon as Monica appears, it is the reptilian brain that takes over. Case closed. With maturity, this Italian splendor has gained in dramatic consistency: it can now afford to work with Philippe Garrel or Emir Kusturica ( Love and Peace , currently filming) without anyone finding fault with it.

Supermodel of the 1990s (she posed for the greatest, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton or Peter Lindbergh), Monica Bellucci does not forget her duties towards fashion. Mamma  Monica has found her green bean line,Dolce & Gabbana and signed a make-up collection (True Monica at D&G). Confidences in Italian on the shooting of Madame Figaro in Paris.