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Arriving on the red carpet at the Rome International Film Festival.


  1. Hello Monica,

    I’m very impressed of the way You are, You follow Your career and being European!
    Your beauty is double amazing for me as You remind me my Partner :)) … so now You know why I as a woman writing to You in this big wave of man watching, commenting and contacting You.

    On Friday I was in cinema on CAROL with Kate B. I would like to know if You saw this movie. If yes, can You tale me Your opinion. Do You agree that tis is one of the BEST store of love with just amazing and breath taking last minute of the film.

    …could this be You in stand of Kate?…I mean Carol. Kate was perfect in this role but I believe that there will be more films taking about true, sometime hidden LOVE.

    I have pretty unique history to tale, already put few words on paper 🙂 …one day will be ready as a script.

    Have a nice day Monica if this web is really Yours and You can see IT 😉


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