For Monica Bellucci, “women should love their femininity”. Interview & photo shoots…

8. Monica Bellucci

That is to say ?
I decided to have my first child at 37, when I had already started a good career. I was in an optimal situation: having a child at that time was a real luxury. Yet many of my mother friends are not experiencing what I am experiencing and are overwhelmed with multiple tasks. It’s all well and good to have children, but our society does not help us: women have to juggle between career, family, household chores and baby bottles, and they invariably feel guilty. The myth of the perfect mother… Let’s break it! Me, I was able to give myself the means: I was in an ideal psychological and – I want to stress this – economic situation!

You often say that the emancipation of a woman depends above all on her economic independence.
Obviously ! It is freedom, not to depend on anyone. But emancipation should never penalize femininity. Just because you wear make-up and stiletto heels doesn’t mean you have to be reduced to a sex object! Women should love their femininity: if you wear stilettos and lipstick, it’s not just to please men – a little anyway! – but also by self- esteem.

You told me never to leave your house in sneakers and without make-up…
Never! That’s my nature. I want to be pretty for me.