Discover the secrets of Monica Bellucci who once confessed she has become more beautiful with age.

The Italian star, who began her career as a 13-year-old model, has remained an evergreen presence on the international cinematic landscape. From starring in independent dramas to huge blockbusters, Bellucci is at ease playing a variety of characters.

She has been a regular fixture on the covers of fashion magazines and at international film festivals. While pregnant with both her children, she posed semi-nude on the cover of Vanity Fair and has appeared on several ‘sexiest of the year’ lists.

UNIQ presents exclusive interview with Monica Bellucci. Discover the secrets of world’s most beautiful woman…

27. What inspires your look?

I love old black-and-white films. The leading ladies are naturally beautiful. I grew up watching Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren, so they’re my pin-ups. I definitely prefer wrinkles to plastic.



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