In this gleeful, bawdy sex comedy, Francois, a balding, downtrodden office worker tells the gorgeous prostitute, Daniela (Monica Bellucci), that he’s won the lottery and invites her home to spend his money.

17. How Much Do You Love Me

The ensuing negotiations of cat-and-mouse are played out with verve and wit by both, and by a supporting cast of vicariously engaged friends and neighbors, including Gerard Depardieu as Monica Bellucci’s bedraggled mobster boyfriend, Charly.


  1. Más allá de los océanos, más allá de los tiempos, más allá de las distancias, nada puede apagar lo tracendente, lo puro, lo mágico…

  2. Ti bacio, ti amo Monica Bellucci ❤️ la mia stella cadente, la mia luna, il cielo e il mio sole, dolce gentile signora con l’odore del garofano, ti auguro tutto il meglio del mondo, ti amo, ti voglio, ti adoro❤️!

  3. awesome ur all time favourite actress, pls visit India tamilnadu, wherever u r i need one selfie with u it’s my humble and kind request pls pls pls


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