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Holding her Lola film award during the 51st German Film Prize awards ceremony in Berlin.


  1. Monica, you must be the Star in my Film, ” The Unknown Deciple ” !

    Only you can be Mary Magdalene in the fundamental scene of Christ Resurrection:

    For Jesus, it was a long hard trip to the tomb. In three days it was over by noon.
    Mary alone was there to find Him, her tears He could not bare,
    Mary!! why do you cry? It is our love … it is I.
    Your actually alive I pray to the sky, My Rabboni is once again here,
    …His dimples His cheer, we can now make it clear,
    to the ends of all time without fear of the signs,
    we march to forever behind Him.

    Without Mary Magdalene, Jesus stands alone as but a pristine sculpted slab of marble.

    Amen. jwb 2000
    Copyright © 2000-2016 by Jerry W Blevins. All rights reserved.


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