How Much Do You Love Me? (2005)


In this gleeful, bawdy sex comedy, Francois, a balding, downtrodden office worker tells the gorgeous prostitute, Daniela (Monica Bellucci), that he’s won the lottery and invites her home to spend his money.

How Much Do You Love Me (2005) is a French romantic comedy film written and directed by Bertrand Blier.

The ensuing negotiations of cat-and-mouse are played out with verve and wit by both, and by a supporting cast of vicariously engaged friends and neighbors, including Gerard Depardieu as Monica Bellucci’s bedraggled mobster boyfriend, Charly.


François, bored with his lonely life in Paris and dull office job, goes to a bar and meets Daniela, a beautiful Italian prostitute. Telling her he has won millions on the lottery, he says he will pay her 100,000 euros a month to live with him until his money runs out. She agrees but André, his friend and doctor, warns them his weak heart will not cope with an energetic sex life. After a meal at a restaurant, Daniela goes down with food poisoning and André, called to attend her, has a stroke at the sight of her voluptuous naked body.

Coming home one day, François finds Daniela gone. At the bar where they met, he learns she has resumed her old trade. He picks up a pretty young prostitute named Muguet, which leads Daniela to confess that she had another man all along, a gangster named Charly who has reclaimed his woman. Since she says she loves François, Charly offers to sell her back to him for four million euros. After long negotiation, François refuses. Unhappy however at life with the coarse Charly, Daniela sneaks back to François’ flat, only to find him in bed with his sexy North African neighbour.

Not having seen him for a long time, François’ friends from his office turn up and a wild party starts. Daniela, ever a free spirit, disappears for a turn with a handsome man. Charly turns up with a gun, looking for Daniela, and is taken with François’ neighbour. François admits that he never won the lottery and couldn’t have paid Daniela. The film ends with the two together again.


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