How Much Do You Love Me

A French romantic-comedy, How Much Do You Love Me sees two men fall for Bellucci, and she indulgently allows both their fantasies to race toward fulfillments before...

Rome Film Festival

At the Rome Film Festival, 2006

Cannes Film Festival, 2004

With Samuel L. Jackson at the Cannes Film Festival, 2004


At a press event for Spectre, 2014

Taormina Film Festival

Taormina Film Festival, 2011

Premiere of Hart’s War

At the premiere of Hart's War, 2002

Cannes Film Festival

At the Cannes Film Festival, 2002


In Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, 2002

Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci meet in 1995 filming the apartment. The beautiful Italian was then 31 years old and he 29.

DGA theatre in Los Angeles

2005 Arriving at the premiere of Dimension films' "The Brothers Grimm" at the DGA theatre in Los Angeles.