Discover a collection of never-seen pictures of the actress and model Monica Bellucci, captured by diverse photographers between 1980s and today.

Deauville Film Festival

At the Deauville Film Festival, 2000

Laureus Sports Awards

At the Laureus Sports Awards, 2000


On a photo shoot, 1996

Paris Fashion Week

At Paris Fashion Week, 1993


On a photo shoot, 1985

Gout de France

Actress Monica Bellucci attends the event 'Gout de France-Good France' (Taste of France, Days of French gastronomy in Italy) at the France's embassy, in the Palazzo Farnese...

Vincent Cassel & Monica Bellucci

Vincent Cassel & Monica Bellucci say yes 2 August 1999, discreetly, in Monaco.

Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci meet in 1995 filming the apartment. The beautiful Italian was then 31 years old and he 29.