Discover a collection of never-seen pictures of the actress and model Monica Bellucci, captured by diverse photographers between 1980s and today.

GQ Magazine Spain, 2003

Monica Bellucci in a photoshoot for GQ Magazine Spain, 2003

Cannes Film Festival, 2004

With Samuel L. Jackson at the Cannes Film Festival, 2004

On The Bed

In this photo Monica Bellucci on the photoshoot for the Paris Match Magazine.

Deauville Film Festival

At the Deauville Film Festival, 2000

Monica Bellucci Best Pictures

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On a photo shoot, 1985

Never Seen Photographs of Monica Bellucci

Discover a collection of little-known snapshots of actress and model Monica Bellucci, captured by various photographers between the 1990s and today. From the 18-year-old woman with curly...


GQ Magazine, 2001

Monica Bellucci, GQ Magazine, 2001, by Gian Paolo Barbieri

Chairwoman Of The Board, 2014

Few women have the title of ‘Siren’, in my opinion. Only a handful make the cut these days. It not only requires an artistic flair that makes...