Discover a collection of never-seen pictures of the actress and model Monica Bellucci, captured by diverse photographers between 1980s and today.

Sunday Times, 2012

Monica Bellucci by Signe Vilstrup Photoshoot 2012 for Sunday Times

Alexandre Vauthier Fashion Show in Paris 2017

MONICA BELLUCCI Leaves Alexandre Vauthier Fashion Show in Paris 01/24/2017

Cannes: Monica Bellucci Ceremonies

The former Bond girl will preside over the opening and closing ceremonies. Italian-French actress Monica Bellucci will serve as master of ceremonies of this year’s 70th anniversary Cannes...

Best Moments from Monica Bellucci Movies

Discover best moments of Monica Bellucci movies. This curated image gallery will showcase some of the Monica Bellucci pictures that will make you fall in love with her... Monica...

Chanel Fashion Show in Paris

Monica Bellucci at Chanel Fashion Show in Paris, Chanel created a waterfall for its spring/summer 2018 collection, making raincoats and wellington boots chic again. Spotted in the front...

Cristian Dior Show

Italian actress Monica Bellucci, put on an incredibly youthful, age-defying display as she arrived in a clingy black dress and towering heels. Monica Bellucci at Cristian Dior Show...


On a photo shoot, 1985

First ever picture taken by a professionnal photographer

Young Monica and the Daisy 🌸 First ever picture taken by a professional photographer at 13 who was a friend of the family at Città di Castello, not...

Monica Bellucci Max Magazine Pictorial 2010

Monica Bellucci Max Magazine Pictorial February 2010