After saving a newborn infant from assassins, carrot-crunching gunman Mr. Smith (Clive Owen) teams up with a prostitute named DQ (Monica Bellucci) to protect the baby from further attacks.

We have compiled the best moments of Shoot ‘Em Up.

10. Shoot ‘Em Up

Question: What was the most appealing part of the film that made you want to take on this character?

Monica: Oh, everything. When I read the script I was in Europe and I said when I read the script it was crazy and how he is going to make this movie so I went to Los Angeles and met Michael Davis and then he told me about everything about he wanted to do and I said yes I want to do it.I had so much fun playing DQ because she’s totally free. She does dangerous, dark, dirty things but in a playful way. It’s like the movie, the movie is a comedy, it’s over the top, it’s like video games in some way. Of course, it’s violent but it’s also rock and roll, sexy, dark, scary, with a lot of humor in it.