Best Monica Bellucci Gallery of All Time

Here you can find Monica Bellucci’s best photo gallery of all time. Discover a collection of never-seen pictures of the actress and model Monica Bellucci, captured by diverse...

Monica Bellucci Beauty Secrets

One of the hottest Italian beauties, Monica Belluci, although she is 54 years old, has a young, lively skin and body. But how does she keep her...

Monica Bellucci exclusive campaign

'Co-ageing': such is the new Nivea philosophy. The Beiersdorf-owned skincare brand, which claims to assist women in accepting the signs of ageing, has closeted the term 'anti-ageing',...

Dinard British Film Festival

Monica Bellucci, Closing Ceremony of the 29th Dinard British Film Festival 

Cesar Revelations 2018

Monica Bellucci attends the 'Cesar Revelations 2018'Party at Le Petit Palais on January 15, 2018

June, 1998

On the set of "Comme un poisson hors de l'eau", June, 1998

GQ Men Of The Year Awards, 2003

GQ Men Of The Year Awards, 2003

At home in Rome

Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci at home in Rome, 6th June 1991.

Vogue Italia, 1994

Monica Bellucci by Walter Chi, Vogue Italia Ottobre 1994